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We care about the citizens of Cincinnati and take pride in serving them through good and bad times. From protecting what you have worked hard for to passing it to the next generation, we can help you as well.

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About Us

Linn Legal is a law firm focused on helping business owners and families to grow and thrive by providing smart and clever legal work, on time and on budget. The firm’s driving focus is on transactional work, situations where two people want to make a deal. The firm does not litigate or file lawsuits because we excel at our transactional work and aim to keep you out of a courtroom. The firm is headed by Douglas Linn, a veteran attorney with a skill for math and business administration. When you come to Linn Legal for representation, you draw on legal skills in business, tax, real estate and more. What may look at first glance as a real estate issue may be solved in probate. The sale of a home may have long-term tax consequences that the seller has not considered. Prepare yourself by hiring a law firm that can look at the whole deal to make sure you are getting the best outcome.

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Are you in need of professional legal help ?

We work with Cincinnatians every day to take care of their property and hard work. If you need legal help, don't wait.

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Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are an out-of-state property investor or a business owner who wants to expand your presence, Linn Legal can represent you in commercial real estate deals. At Linn Legal, we work closely with investors from across America that want to buy a piece of the Queen City. We frequently help professionals in other regions, such as southern California, that want to invest in real estate but are priced out of the million dollar “starter homes” in Palo Alto. When you are investing in Cincinnati from outside the region, you are coming in blind. We serve as a first point of contact for investors that want to get into Cincinnati, but do not have local contacts with lenders, agents, title companies, property management, contractors, or commercial financing.

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Estate Planning

You've worked hard to build a good life for you and your family. So many people put off creating a will and planning an estate. The reality is that the only "perfect" will is the one that is actually done. We know that estate planning sounds about as fun as a day at the dentist. That's why our goal is to make the process of creating a will and planning an estate as simple, streamlined, and painless as possible. Let's check this off your to-do list, shall we?

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Business Law

Sooner or later every business is going to need a lawyer whether you choose to bring in a lawyer when times are good or whether you choose to bring in a lawyer during a crisis is entirely your decision is a business owner. A lawyer at crisis time, however, is going to be fantastically more expensive than a lawyer who has been consistently working with you to avoid problems.

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What our clients say

They are very thorough and absolutely wonderful to talk to. Very responsive and made sure that I clearly understood my options. Shakespeare was wrong about at least one attorney! 5.0/5.0 Marianne K.

Doug Linn has been my primary attorney for a number of years. He's handled matters ranging from document review, legal strategy, and litigation, and each time we've had a successful and satisfactory outcome. The best thing about working with LinnLegal is you're not overcharged for quick questions, a brief phone call, or a follow-up e-mail. That's meaningful when you're trying to work through something and you want to ask your attorney for advice. I highly recommend LinnLegal. Paul M.

I hired LinnLegal to help look over and negotiate an important business contract. Doug did an excellent job of looking over everything carefully and he pointed out several potential pitfalls of the original contract wording. He did a great job of reviewing everything in a timely manner, and he was extremely reasonable with his time estimates and his budgeting. Doug's expertise and professionalism ensured everything went smoothly. I had great peace of mind knowing that Doug was representing my interests well, and I highly recommend him and his firm. Clint H.

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We invite you to call Linn Legal for real estate, business transactions, and estate planning needs. Please bear in mind that the firm does not represent clients in lawsuits, because our goal is to keep you out of the courtroom in the first place.

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